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Worlds Match Preview: Gen.G vs Cloud9 – By DJ Esports

Worlds Match Preview: Gen.G vs Cloud9 – By DJ Esports


In the last quarterfinal match of Worlds 2021, LCK second-seed Gen.G take on surprise knockout stage contenders Cloud9 on Monday, October 25. We look ahead to the match, with a preview from DJ Esports, breaking down all the important stats and predictions.

DJ Esports provides expert analysis ahead of some of the headline matches at Worlds 2021, to help you make your own predictions and check out some of the odds on offer.

During the S11 World Championships group stage, Gen.G triumphed in Group D after a historic four-way tie, while Cloud9 bounced back from a 0-3 start to finish second in Group A.

Although Gen.G enter the quarterfinals as a first seed, they suffered back-to-back losses in the group stage, leading to the first-ever four-way tie, and had to win two tiebreaker matches to earn their group’s top seed. On the other hand, C9 won two of three in the second round of the group before beating Rogue in a tiebreaker to reach the quarterfinals.

DJ Esports puts the odds of a C9 win at 3.206, but the odds of them winning at least 1.5 games at 1.890. C9 are a solid team playing at the peak of their performance. We recommend picking C9 to win at least 1.5 games of the match-up.

In the first game against C9, expect Gen.G to continue their strategies; secure first blood through early cooperation and establish a gold lead quickly. With odds of 1.669, we’re betting on Gen.G to secure first blood in this match-up.

Considering that Gen.G have a stronger early offense, they are likely to focus on small, early teamfights with a focus on expanding their gold lead. The odds of Gen.G being the first team to five kills are 1.5. We’re calling this one a lock for Gen.G.

Judging from DJ Esports’ analysis, C9’s first dragon rate in recent games is 60%, which is higher than Gen.G’s. This is due to Cloud9’s focus on early objectives, as opposed to Gen.G’s focus on early teamfights. If C9 can win the first Dragon early, it will give them an advantage in the later stages.

Compared with C9, Gen.G prefers to control the Rift Herald in the early stage of the game. In the first game, C9 are likely to abandon the Rift Herald in exchange for the Dragon, laying a solid foundation for them in the late game. With odds of 1.996, picking C9 to take the First Dragon is a great choice.

Since both sides will likely opt for a more late game-oriented playstyle and composition, the odds of the first game lasting longer than 34 minutes are 1.868. This seems quite likely to us and we recommend taking the over bet here.

As the last North American team in the World Championship, C9 are eager to see how far they can go. Meanwhile, Gen.G are hoping to win their first Summoner’s Cup under the Gen.G brand, having won the tournament in 2017 as Samsung Galaxy.

The two sides will face off on October 25 for a place in the semi-finals against LPL’s EDward Gaming.

Do you agree with our picks? Think C9 can come out on top? Head over to DJ Esports’ Discord server and let us know. While you’re there, hit up their mods for your 800 DJT to start betting with for free.