April 13, 2024

Hydrocodone Help

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“That is just f**king disgusting”

Twitch streamers Felix “xQc” and Georgie “Pokelawls” produced headlines on August 13, 2023, when they went off at each and every other. For the duration of their intensive back again-and-forth, Pokelawls leaked that the French-Canadian character was on Adderall “24/7.” xQc was shocked to listen to the written content creator’s statements and explained them as “crazy.”

Felix then remarked:

“Oh, my god. Glance at that. That is just f**king disgusting, straight up. That is outrageous, dude.”

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“I am responsible, it is ridiculous” – xQc admits getting Adderall just after Pokelawls leaks it through their intensive feud

xQc was looking at Pokelawls’ livestream before right now, through which he argued that the Toronto indigenous was playing a “petty card” by bringing up his mother for the duration of the dispute.

Georgie then claimed that xQc was frequently on Adderall and talked about his time dwelling with him. He also responded to the subtweeting directed at 27-12 months-outdated Felix by indicating:

“This guy can take Adderall 24-f**king-7. 24 several hours… ‘I’m carrying out with a crazy dude. I don’t know what to do. Like, I never know what to do, man! ‘You f**king sub-tweeted.’ Dude, s**k my d**k! It really is a god d*amn tweet! It is really a f**king tweet!”

At this position, Felix identified as Pokelawls’ statements “disgusting.” He then resolved getting the remedies and said:

“Fellas, this will arrive as a revelation, chat. It’s insane. Guys, I know one thing you fellas do not recognize, all right, and you really don’t know it – it really is all right. And, I have received to inform you, chat. I am responsible, it can be mad. Men, I have a dilemma and I consider medicine. Sorry, men. My terrible, guys. I choose approved remedies.”

Later on in the broadcast, xQc uncovered his ADHD (notice-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) diagnosis to verify that he was not a “criminal.” He mentioned:

“Very well, I mean, to start with, Gigi, I want to handle the point that your boyfriend suggests that I am getting treatment for some thing that I you should not have. Ideal? Which is a managed substance, which would be a f**king criminal offense in our existing working day and age, correct? So, I have to debunk the truth that you allow your boyfriend notify me that I’m a f**king legal, dwell on air, so I acquired you, bro! I will demonstrate it.”

The Quebec indigenous begun reading through out loud the ADHD prognosis, introducing:

“‘Diagnosis and advice. We had a visit currently to evaluation ADHD. We reviewed your (medication) dosage and agreed not to make any changes at this time for the reason that you are getting protection for your target and concentration. We reviewed that you are effectively-controlled on the existing treatment(s).'”

Enthusiasts react to the streamer’s admission of having Adderall

Felix’s clip, in which he admitted to taking Adderall, was the top rated article on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit. Here is what admirers had to say:

In accordance to Redditor u/KGTachi, Pokelawls claimed xQc lied about possessing ADHD. Meanwhile, an additional neighborhood member believed that leaking someone’s remedies is “sort of weird.”

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