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RLCS Fall Major Round 2 Predictions and Analysis

RLCS Fall Major Round 2 Predictions and Analysis

Boy did we not expect so many fan favorites in the bottom half of Swiss Stage. It’s a rough start for many prominent teams, such as G2 Esports, Endpoint CeX, and Team Vitality to name a few.

Once again proving that the Rocket League Championship Series 2021-22 Fall Split Major (RLCS 2021-22 Fall Major) is a treacherous arena for all participants. As such, let’s break down the upcoming lower half of matches, and set our predictions. Teams with double-loss will be at the brim of elimination.

RLCS Fall Major Round 2 Predictions and Analysis

RLCS Fall Major Round 2 Schedule

All RLCS Fall Major Lower Half Round 2 Matches: – (Match start times are in Local Time)

  • Endpoint CeX vs Team Vitality – December 9, 17:00
  • Complexity Gaming vs eRa Eternity – December 9, 17:00
  • G2 Esports vs FURIA Esports – December 9, 18:00
  • Ground Zero Gaming vs Tokyo Verdy Esports – December 9, 18:00

Endpoint CeX vs Team Vitality

The unexpected upsets for many powerhouses have led us to a tense match-up, where Endpoint and Vitality need this round 2 win.

Endpoint’s previous match versus Renegades certainly caught the European star off-guard with their unique formation. Sure, we bashed the Aussie team for being overwhelmed by larger prominent regions, such as Europe and the Americas. However, in the end, Renegades was able to outplay Endpoint. This loss, coming from a very successful European Regional Event run, will surely leave a mark on Endpoint’s self-esteem heading into the next round.

Whereas Vitality’s loss versus FaZe Clan wasn’t out of the ordinary. In fact, they put up a much better fight than we hoped. FaZe Clan has been highly regarded for their revamped roster’s recent success, which makes them among the most established opponents to play against.

Although Endpoint initially outranked all its European rivals in the regional events, Vitality has better odds of x1.45 returns this time, over Endpoint’s x2.63 returns. Presumably due to Endpoint’s massive blunder against a supposedly weaker opponent, Renegades.

G2 Esports vs FURIA Esports

Endpoint wasn’t the only powerhouse off to a sloppy debut at the RLCS Fall Major. G2 Esports got swept by the Arabic team, Sandrock Gaming in an undisputed 3-0 win. This is certainly a boost for Sandrock’s morale heading further into the Swiss Stage.

As for G2, the loss wasn’t expected but surely they will recover and get back lost time in the next round. That said, FURIA isn’t exactly easy picking either even though G2 desperately needs the points to stay relevant.

FURIA’s last gameplay showcased how the stack plays cunningly for goals and has a record eight goals in five rounds versus SMPR Esports. Even so, SMPR was outstandingly keeping up with the constant goal shots, which ultimately won them a close 3-2 victory.

G2, on the other hand, decided not to waste effort in constantly pursuing goals. Instead, defended and held the ball around the court. Unfortunately, this playstyle backfired when Sandrock managed to land one successful goal while preventing G2 from taking any.

Frankly, Sandrock’s win felt like a fluke, backfired by G2’s overconfidence. G2 learned their mistake, and shouldn’t hold back next round. Hence, FURIA’s playstyle isn’t as polished and calculated as the seasoned G2. Whereby the Rocket League betting odds are also in favor of G2 at x1.34 versus FURIA at x3.09 returns.

Complexity Gaming vs eRa Eternity

Both candidates lost to high-profile opponents, Team BDS and The General NRG respectively. Thus, it’s a reasonable loss, which we doubt fans would hold it against these teams. Furthermore, they put up a decent fight, considering their position as the underdogs.

Anyways, Complexity has been a talk of the town since their phenomenal debut last month. They picked up the famed South American team, True Neutral. Complexity has proven to be a threat to many teams in the RLCS Fall Major after going 2-3 versus Team BDS. With two overtime rounds, let’s just say that match put BDS on the edge despite narrowly winning the fifth game.

Whereas eRa Eternity is no pushover either, but Complexity seemingly has more potential heading into the RLCS Fall Major as a prominent roster. As such, the odds are against eRa Eternity at x2.85 versus Complexity Gaming at x1.39 odds.

Ground Zero Gaming vs Tokyo Verdy Esports

It’s a tough position to be in for Tokyo Verdy Esports, considering this is their first major debut. Of course, nobody expected VE to make any notable performance. After all, they headed into RLCS Fall Major as underdogs and lost to Team Dignitas. It was a very one-sided match, and we almost felt terrible about it because Dignitas scored 12 goals versus VE with only 1.

We doubt VE could ever recover psychologically from the overwhelming beatdown. But round 2 wouldn’t be any easier as Ground Zero Gaming is a seasoned Oceanic regional favorite. Yet, Ground Zero isn’t even a RLCS Fall Major fan favorite, to begin with.

It’s all odds against Tokyo Verdy Esports at x2.77 versus Ground Zero Gaming at x1.41 returns.

While we did state that it’s almost game over for any team with a double loss, comebacks and tiebreaker stories at the mid-placements of the Swiss Stage leaderboard isn’t impossible. After all, even eight-place in the Swiss Stage will secure the qualified team for playoffs.