April 20, 2024

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The Sports Fanatics

Ready or not, here comes winter and another sports season

Hailey Fisher (left), Olivia Flynn (19) and the rest of the Harbor Springs girls get a highly anticipated season started up this week.

Well, I guess we’re onto the winter sports season. 

Wasn’t it just August? 

I suppose hockey has already been going this winter, with the Northmen playing one game, though basketball season around the state officially starts up this week and basketball has always been winter’s main attraction in the eyes of most. 

I could have gone for a bit more of a break between the fall and winter seasons, but I also don’t make the rules. 

Drew Kochanny

Speaking of rules, there’s been some changes to the winter sports season if you haven’t already heard. 

They mainly impact basketball and some have already had, well, an impact. The season was shortened and extended. 

Sorry, I got a little Yogi Berra on you there. 

The amount of practice time before the start of the season for both boys and girls hoops was cut, with the boys having just a shortened Thanksgiving week and this week to prepare for the start of the season next week.