June 3, 2023

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The Sports Fanatics

MLB baseball, NFL stadiums and sports pet peeves: Mike Bass

As a sports activities enthusiast, I have my annoyances or pet peeves. As a Sports activities Supporter Coach, I test to deal with them. Below are 6 illustrations.

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Problem: Cyberbully supporters. They can pulverize you on social media around your view of a team or recreation. Normally cost-free thinkers can turn into a mob, offended villagers substituting gifs and memes for torches and pitchforks. They will attack your loyalty, credibility, appears, gender, you title it. They want to push you away and a digital stake in your coronary heart.

Bengals:Bass: I put on my Bengals hat on a cruise. It will make a variance.

Cincinnati athletics news:Bass: My column is ‘disgusting.’ I am a ‘stirrer-higher.’ How do you definitely truly feel?

Cincinnati Reds:Bass column: Reds lovers have decisions, also. Are the Castellinis listening?