December 3, 2023

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Jon Gruden offers cryptic statement in first comments since losing Raiders job over controversial emails

Former Raiders coach Jon Gruden has been keeping a low-profile since resigning from his job on Oct. 11 and although he still hasn’t made any public comments about his situation, he did offer a cryptic statement when reached recently by a producer for an HBO show. 

Emmy-winning sports journalist Andrea Kremer explained how the situation went down during the latest episode of the Real Sports Podcast. Back in September, Kremer did a profile on Raiders owner Mark Davis for the HBO show Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. Less than three weeks after the profile aired, Gruden’s emails were leaked, which led to his eventual resignation from the team. After he left the job, one of Kremer’s producers decided to call Gruden and here’s what transpired: 

“Maggie Burbank, who produced the (HBO) story that we just did on Mark Davis, she actually called Gruden and he picked up the phone, much to I think her surprise,” Kremer said on the Real Sports Podcast. “And he’s still in Las Vegas. He says he’s letting the dust settle. He said, ‘People who know me know what I stand for for 58 years. I have a resume of 58 years.’ He said, ‘The truth will come out.’ It’s certainly cryptic.”

Considering Gruden hadn’t publicly said anything since the day of his resignation, it’s certainly worth pointing out that he specifically made sure to tell a reporter that, “The truth will come out.” As Kremer noted, that’s definitely a cryptic remark for Gruden to make. 

The former Raiders coach resigned from his job after multiple emails leaked earlier this month that showed him using misogynistic, homophobic and racist language during conversations with former Washington Football Team president Bruce Allen. The NFL had been investigating Washington for sexual harassment and workplace misconduct and during the course of that investigation, the league obtained more than 650,000 emails. Although most of emails are still under lock and key, Gruden’s were part of a small batch that leaked out to several media outlets. 

It’s not clear what Gruden meant when he said the “truth will come out,” but in what may or may not be a coincidence, it appears Congress also wants the truth out there. In a letter to Roger Goodell sent on Thursday, two members of the House of Representatives are demanding that the NFL provides Congress with the findings of the Washington investigation. 

Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney (D-New York), who is the Chairwoman of the Committee on Oversight and Reform, and Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-Illinois) sent a five-page letter to Goodell asking him to turn over all the pertinent information from the Washington investigation by Nov. 4. 

The NFL hasn’t said if it’s going to comply, but if it doesn’t, you can bet things will get even more interesting come Nov. 4. If Congress can’t get the NFL to release its findings, Gruden might also have one other option to get the truth out there. As noted by Pro Football Talk, the former Raiders coach could sue the NFL, which could possibly force the league to reveal some more of the emails in court, including who had access to the Gruden emails that eventually got leaked. 

The bottom line is that between Gruden’s statement and Congress’ involvement, it appears this situation is far from over.