April 15, 2024

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Here’s Why Druids Is The Future Of Sportswear

Druids is a British sportswear brand founded by Lewis Jones in 2014. In less than a decade, Druids has managed to amass a creed of loyal customers with its innovative designs and premium quality activewear. 

We believe that soon, Druids will take over the sportswear industry- given that it continues to work hard on producing technical and stylish athletic apparel and accessories. 

Here are all the reasons why Druids is the future of sportswear. 

1. Druids Is Not Just Another Sportswear Brand 

We can’t deny the fact that many brands are producing top-tier, highly technical sportswear today. Then how is it that Druids stand out? What qualities does the brand have that set it apart? 

The answer to that is quite simple- its affordability. 

Druids founder, Lewis Jones, is an avid golfer who understands that most brands take advantage of people’s love for sports and sell them products at high prices. 

To compete with these brands and to break the taboo of expensive sportswear being high in quality– Lewis laid the foundation of Druids on one principle: to make sportswear affordable without compromising on quality. 

The brand started as a golf product manufacturer and took the golfing world by storm with its up-to-date, stylish, and budget-friendly collection.

Druids first-ever sportswear range was launched recently, conforming to the brand’s basic principle- high quality at a fair price. 

So far, people have loved their new collection and reviews online show that the brand has a very bright future in the sportswear industry. 

How Druids Manage To Produce Budget-Friendly Premium Quality Sportswear? 

To get an answer to this question, we contacted Druids’ creative director, Tim Ferris.

Tim told us that many first-time buyers think their prices are too good to be true, and often order only one or two articles to test the quality. Once they discover that Druids sell only the best products, they become loyal to the brand. 

He further told us that Druids manages to keep the costs low by dodging the big-money endorsement deals. The brand does not believe in spending huge lumps of money on marketing and wants to gain popularity by producing high-quality products. 

Besides this, Druids operates on a direct-to-consumer business model. It does not have any middlemen and serves the customers itself- a strategy that helps it pass savings on to the consumers.

Lastly, Druids’ has a small team of dedicated individuals who take the primary principle of the brand very seriously. 

All these factors help the Druids produce affordable, premium-quality sportswear

2. Druids Offer A Huge Collection Of Sportswear 

Another reason why Druids is the future of sportswear is the brand’s massive athletic apparel and accessories collection. 

Although it started as only a golf brand, today, it stocks something for every sports lover- be it a man, woman, or child. 

Since we can not jot down everything Druids offers, here is a list of some of the brand’s hot-selling items. 

Men’s Collection

  • Men’s Performance Golf Polos
  • Men’s Chequered Elite Golf Jacket
  • Men’s Everdri Golf Rain Suit
  • Pro-Tech Hybrid Hoodie
  • Men’s Flek Tech Sports T-Shirt
  • Slim Fit Joggers 
  • Premium Tour Leather Men’s Golf Shoes

Women’s Collection

  • Ladies Sleeveless Phoenix Polo
  • Ladies Madrid Tank Polo
  • Ladies Turin Jacket
  • Ladies Edingurbh Gilet
  • Pro-Tech Stealth Contrast Cap
  • Knitted Thermal Golf Beanie

Kids’ Collection

  • Kids Block Pique Polo
  • Kids Fleece Storm Midlayer
  • Kids Bloque Fit Jacket
  • Clima Shorts

Besides highly technical and stylish clothes, Druids also sells golf equipments, including golf trolleys, golf balls, and umbrellas. 

3. Druids Sportswear Is Highly Functional 

Moisture Wicking & Breathable Fabric

Everything from Druids polos and jackets to socks and shoes is made with breathable and moisture-wicking fabric

This means Druids’ entire sportswear collection allows air to pass through it and draws excessive sweat and moisture away from the body- features without which sports clothes are useless. 

Antibacterial Technology 

Sweating during physical activities is inevitable. Sometimes the odour of this sweat makes sportsmen self-conscious and takes their focus away from the game. 

Druids sportswear has been built with antibacterial technology that traps and kills odour-producing bacteria. 

To test this feature, we wore a Druids Pro Tech hybrid hoodie to the golf course and then out with friends. To our surprise, the hoodie smelled fresh even after 12 hours. 

Waterproof or Shower Proof

Druids understands that avoiding rain and water is impossible for sportsmen- especially if they live in the UK. The brand has built many of its articles with waterproof or showerproof features.  

All Druids’ golf jackets come with a showerproof finish. The rain gear and leather shoes, on the other hand, are made with 100% waterproof material. 


Druids sports midlayers and jackets come with high loft padding in front and back- a feature that protects the athletes from winds and keeps them warm on cold evenings.

Quick Drying 

Just like any other high end sportswear brand, Druids pays special attention to the quick dry feature of its articles. 

All the clothes are prepared with fabrics like polyester and nylon that dry up fast and keep the athletes comfortable throughout the game. 

We wore Druid’s Men’s Performance Sports T-shirt and Tech trousers to the gym and were impressed with how quickly they dried after two hours of intense workout. 


The sportswear that restricts movement is worthless- this is why Druids has equipped all its clothes with four-way stretch technology. The brand has also stitched the articles in a way that aids proper movements. 

Druids’ Performance Sports T-shirt and Tech trousers we wore to the gym were super comfortable and allowed us to stretch length and width-wise. 

4. Druids Sportswear Comes In Numerous Sizes

While many brands make sportswear in limited, more profitable sizes, Druids makes sportswear for every shape and size. 

The brand has mentioned several times that it believes in body inclusivity and wants every sportsman to find perfectly fitting clothes. 

Here we have mentioned some of the brand’s hottest-selling articles with their size range. 

Ultra Blend Golf 2.0 Midlayer: Small to 4 XL

Double Logo Sweatshirt: Small to 3XL

Tech Joggers: Small to 3XL

Men’s Everdri Golf Rain Suit: Small to 3XL

Men’s Checkered Elite Golf Jacket: Small to 4XL

5. Druids Offer a Wide Range Of Colours And Designs 

Let’s face it, not everyone likes to wear basic colours to the field. Some people feel more confident in bold colours and unique patterns. 

Druids aims to meet every athlete’s needs by creating clothes in a wide variety of colours, prints, and patterns. 

Black, red, yellow, pink, blue, grey, or lime- you will find all your favourite shades at Druids. 

6. People Love Druids Products And Customer Service 

Reviews play a crucial part in making or breaking a brand’s image. Druids’ has managed to win the hearts of a large audience with its incredible products and fast customer service. 

The brand has tons of positive reviews on its own website and other third-party review sites.  On Trust Pilot, the brand has been reviewed by over 7000 people and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.

In the past twelve months, 75% of the buyers have given Druids five stars- which is no less than an achievement for this young brand. 

Here is what some of the customers have said about the brand.

Andy from the UK wrote:

Druids is by far the best clothing and accessories company I have used in my couple of years playing golf. Great quality and value (even more so in the Black Friday sales) and always great service.”

Gary appreciated Druids’ fair pricing policy by saying:

It’s great to see a company making good quality equipment/clothes at affordable prices and in bigger sizes. That is a big thing.”

The brand also has a fast delivery service, Santina Burn says,

Ordered gifts for my son. The order was processed promptly. Delivered within a couple of days as advised.”

These reviews are just a glimpse of all the amazing things customers have to say about Druids. 

Since this brand has successfully won the hearts of the sports community- it is safe to say that Druids is the future of sportswear.