May 24, 2024

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Guild Esports win, ALGS Champs SCARZ take second in EMEA Pro League day four

Today was the second day of this weekend’s Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) Pro League matches in Apex Legends, featuring teams like week one champions Invictus Gaming, the talented squad Alliance, and ALGS champions SCARZ.

Invictus couldn’t repeat their success from last week, and SCARZ did with a second-place finish. But it was Guild Esports, the team co-owned by the well-known British soccer star David Beckham, who won the day. In October, just in time for the start of Pro League, Guild signed the international roster known as Orgless and Hungry, a squad of Apex veterans featuring popular streamer Matej “MaTaFe” Fekonja. 

NEW Esports commanded game one, picking up 26 points while holding off defending ALGS champions SCARZ and Guild Esports in a final circle outside Harvester. 

Alliance took game two after getting two members knocked going into the late game. They reset and got free shots at other teams as they moved aggressively into a Lava City final circle, anchored by punishing Triple Take shots by Alliance’s Simon “Vaifs” Bellini. They finished the match with a Crypto ultimate, stunning and stripping the final teams of their shields. A quick burst of EVA-8 shots was enough to overwhelm their remaining rivals, Future Perfect and NEW.

That win took Alliance from the bottom of the leaderboard to fourth place. NEW and SCARZ continued to perform well in that game, keeping them in first and second place respectively.

NEW struggled in game three, losing two players early, but one player snuck into the top five teams to keep them on top of the leaderboard. SCARZ tore into their opponents in game three, moving with confidence and fully upgraded shields into another Lava City endgame. They were able to kill a solo player instantly as the circle closed, then took a fair three-on-three fight against Guild to win, netting them 24 points and lots of momentum. Alliance notched fourth place, staying within easy striking distance of the leaders NEW and SCARZ.

NEW had another rough start in game four and were eliminated early. Alliance also struggled, finishing outside the top 10. K1CK, who came to the Pro League from open qualifiers, had an easy win from a superior position overlooking other teams, raining down gunfire on exposed players. SCARZ, Guild, and NEW continued to do well in the overall leaderboard, separating themselves from the rest of the field with their consistent results.

NEW had a rabid start to game five, racking up kills before falling to Guild Esports. SCARZ fell early as well, leaving Guild in the top five squads going into a final circle near Survey Camp. The Turkish squad 1907 Fenerbahçe won that game with great positioning, but Guild finished in third, leaving them with a lead going into the sixth and final game of the day. 

Guild, SCARZ, and NEW could all take the day with good results in the last game. SCARZ got off to a strong start, and Guild were eliminated early as the game moved toward a Big Maude ending, leaving SCARZ and NEW to vie for the win. But SCARZ were quickly wiped out as well. 17 points behind Guild in the standings, NEW needed a good game, but they finished in fourth. Reply Totem notched that last win, but the top three stayed the same, leaving Guild with the win, SCARZ in second, and NEW in third place.

Guild are now leading overall Pro League standings in EMEA. The action will pick up next Saturday, Oct. 30, featuring the third week of Pro League matches.