May 22, 2024

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Free Fire team 4Unknown Esports players accuse captain of not distributing winning prize, want immediate action by authorities

In an unexpected turn of events in the Free Fire Esports India circuit, 4 Unknown players have accused their team captain Deadsoul aka Zubair Tyagi, of financial fraud.

Anand, another player from their Free Fire team, has been named the captain. He, along with his teammates, came live on Instagram and informed fans about the situation.

Free Fire tournament winners want authorities to take quick action

Earlier this year, 4 Unknown won the Free Fire Titan Invitational Cup: Battle Royale and Snapdragon Conquest: Free Fire Open. Apart from that, they secured third place in ESPL 2021. The total prizemoney they won from these three tournaments accounts for 33 Lakhs INR.

4unknown Swastik Instagram story (Image via Instagram)
4unknown Swastik Instagram story (Image via Instagram)

The organizers have sent the prize money to Deadsoul’s account, which he had to divide among his teammates. On the other hand, he made excuse after excuse to avoid transferring the money to his teammates’ accounts.

Following repeated inquiries for the money, Deadsoul, according to the players, left the team BootCamp in the pretense of college admission and never returned after that. The teammates then decided to remove Deadsoul from 4 Unknown. Not much later, Deadsoul emailed Garena to terminate the slots of 4 Unknown in FFIC. They further claimed that he only paid half of the Pro League prize money to some teammates. Anand further stated that they would take the matter to the court of law.

DeadSoul, on the other hand, posted an Instagram story accusing his teammates of a potential five crore prize pool slot scam by removing him from the team. He will come to live tomorrow on Youtube to explain his side of the story.

4 Unknown has been one of the top Esports teams in the Free Fire India circuit. They have won two major tournaments and have secured top-five finishes in the other three tournaments. Earlier this year, Garena disqualified them from the FFIC Spring split because they refused to participate in the tournament’s dry run, which breaches the official rulebook.

In this complicated matter, the community and fans will be watching to see what will happen next. Garena hasn’t made any statement on this matter yet. It will be intriguing to see what and if they do anything about this. Fans will also be hoping for a swift resolution of the issue and justice to be provided to the legitimate party.