February 5, 2023

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Evaluate of Trademark Infringement Case Denied: SCAD v. Sportswear, Inc. | Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig PLLC

A few other 3rd occasion works by using of logos and express disclaimer of affiliation inadequate to defeat assert of trademark infringement against sportswear company by college or university

Just lately, the Supreme Court docket of the United States denied critique in Savannah Faculty of Artwork and Structure v. Sportswear, Inc., 983 F.3d 1273 (11th Cir. 2020), a trademark situation in the United States Court docket of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, which includes the federal courts in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. 

In that situation, the Savannah University of Art and Design (“SCAD”), a school in Savannah, Georgia, sued Sportswear, Inc. for trademark infringement of its provider mark registrations for the provision of educational solutions. Sportswear, Inc. is a sportswear and apparel manufacturer. When SCAD uncovered that Sportswear, Inc. sold solutions inscribed with SCAD’s name and mascot, SCAD sued Sportswear, Inc. for trademark infringement even however Sportswear, Inc. explained on its internet site that the “clothing was not sponsored, endorsed by, or affiliated with SCAD and that all items had been exclusively created and fulfilled by Sportswear.” Sportswear, Inc. also alleged that SCAD’s company marks have been weak because three other 3rd-get together clothing suppliers utilized the services marks at concern.

Significant to the 11th Circuit listed here was that though a few other third celebration attire suppliers utilised the SCAD services marks, this kind of use was insufficient to display that the support marks at concern were weak. And despite the fact that it observed that no unique amount of utilizes is dispositive on the strength of the mark variable to trademark infringement, it mentioned that the 3 uses were being appreciably less than prior results of eight, twelve, and 20-seven 3rd party uses as weakening a trademark’s toughness. Additional, Sportswear disclaimed any affiliation with SCAD was insufficient, particularly for the reason that the merchandise bought had an affiliation with SCAD by advantage of made up of the company marks and ended up procured by consumers specifically for the reason that of that affiliation and ended up meaningful to the purchasers in that regard. 

The takeaway information here is that a customer really should be extremely careful in deciding on and employing logos in connection with a trade or organization. And that 1 could nonetheless be held liable for trademark infringement, even if a trademark is utilised in relationship with a services in its place of a superior, or even expressly disclaims affiliations. In this regard, care should really be exercised in deciding upon or employing any possible emblems.