April 20, 2024

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Cardano Teams Up With Esports Firm Rival

In a recent event, Cardano made some waves once again with some big announcements, and a unique one in particular with esports that will shake up the fast growing NFT esports world. This year’s Cardano Summit recently wrapped up, showing promising hope for Cardano and ADA as we head into the 4th quarter.

Cardano Connecting The Dots

September’s Cardano Summit was filled with a lot of exciting news around smart contracts, NFT projects, and plans for the months to come. We all know how exciting it’s been to see the popularity of cryptocurrency in general, and especially the recent NFT (non-fungible token) hype. During the summit, Cardano hosted a remote video link and spoke about the partnership with a new, growing player in the esports and gaming world – Rival.

The team at Cardano spoke on how they will develop agnostic NFT marketplaces, fan rewards, and many other things to assist both Rival and their partners. The full list of new strategic partnerships can be found on the Cardano 2021 Summit Foundation page.

Cardano is helping Rival and other established partners by providing ways to create and distribute NFTs, as well as the redemption of NFTs for physical goods, and marketplace-based royalties within the Rival platform. The Rival wheelhouse includes a strong and growing roster, including the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks, NBA’s Detroit Pistons, and English Premier league clubs Aston Villa and Watford.

With growing engagement in sports, don’t be surprised if more teams across all sports soon join as this projects unfolds.

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   In a statement during the Summit, Matt Virtue, CEO of Rival stated that the “partnership with Cardano marks Rival’s entry into blockchain and is a significant step in our evolution as an enterprise platform solution to unlock the unlimited potential in gaming and esports. Rival’s integration with Cardano will help us maximize and personalize the entire Rival experience – for both gamers and partners.”

Latest price action via Tradingview.com . | Source:ADA-USD on TradingView.com

As more and more smart contracts start to drop, we will find out in due time what this will do for the world of gaming and esports; but we do know this exciting news attracts many new questions like what other teams will join this deal as the wave of esports continues? How will this effect popular pro athletes and big names? Or how will college athletes, with the new NCAA rules that allows players to be paid and profit off of their own popularity, look to get involved?

This news comes at the perfect time; as the NBA and NFL season start to take place, it only helps bring a look into what’s likely the first of much more to come. As new games come out, and highlights become NFTs, we can now enjoy esports and our favorite memories along with it. 2021 is filled with a lot great smart contracts in development, so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

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Cardano Teams Up With Esports Firm Rival