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Blizzard reveals Hearthstone esports 2022 ideas

Blizzard reveals Hearthstone esports 2022 ideas

Hearthstone just revealed its esports programs for 2022. Likely into the new yr, Hearthstone esports will have its closing 12 months of Grandmasters together with updates to the Masters Excursions and Environment Championship tournaments. Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends situations will also transpire in the new year.

Masters Tour invitations
Masters Tour invitations. | Furnished by Blizzard Enjoyment

Ultimate yr of Hearthstone Grandmasters

Hearthstone Grandmasters will conclude in 2022 with two remaining seasons. The very first period will run in between February and March and contain 48 Grandmasters duking it out versus each individual other in a span of 4 months. The winner of each and every location will progress to the 2022 Hearthstone Globe Championship. The prime four players of every area from Period 1 will head into Time 2.

As for Time 2, Hearthstone Grandmasters: Past Phone will showcase the top regional players of Time 1. These rivals will be joined by the major 4 players with the most Masters Tour Factors accumulated by means of the previous three Masters Tours of 2021 and the initially 3 of 2022. A singular group of 16 gamers from the mixed world location will duel for a location in the Globe Championship.

Extra info about the Period 1 format will be uncovered in February.

Grandmasters: Last Call information
Grandmasters: Very last Contact info. | Delivered by Blizzard Leisure

2022 Hearthstone World Championship

In the meantime, the 2022 Hearthstone World Championship will element 16 players. A prize pool of $500,000 will be on the line together with a position in the Hall of Champions. Grandmasters occasions will no more time be the only way to get an invitation to the Globe Championship.

All through 2022, 4 Grandmasters will advance to the Environment Championship along with four gamers from China and eight players from the Masters Tour and Period Championship tournaments.

2022 Hearthstone World Championship player pool
2022 Hearthstone Planet Championship player pool. | Delivered by Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone Masters Tour updates

Hearthstone Masters Tour situations will adjust in conditions of how invitations are offered out. The 2022 Masters Excursions Qualifiers will be diminished to 60 players per occasion. These tournaments will also be performed throughout a few weekends. Meanwhile, invites for ladder players will maximize to 150 for every Masters Tour.

Rivals should also notice that all 6 Masters Tours events will go towards one particular of two seasonal championships. The 1st 3 Masters Excursions will feed into the Masters Summertime Championship, though the upcoming three will feed into the Masters Tumble Championship.

Just about every of these championship functions will showcase the top 16 opponents from their respective Masters Excursions activities. This signifies each and every tournament’s winner and the top rated 13 players with the most match wins throughout a few gatherings will make a put in a seasonal championship event.

In conditions of what’s at stake, a prize pool of $50,000 for each party will be on the line. This will be in addition to invitations to the Hearthstone Planet Championship. The top rated 4 gamers of each individual seasonal championship will also progress.

Masters Tour invitations
Masters Tour invitations. | Presented by Blizzard Enjoyment

There will be various means to get an invitation to the first Hearthstone Masters Tour of 2022, which will choose put between Feb. 18-20:

  • Earn a single of 60 online Masters Qualifiers between Jan. 7-23 on Battlefy
  • Have a Prime 50-earn price in excess of 10 Qualifiers devoid of winning
  • Top 32 finishers at Masters Tour Undercity that do not by now have an invite
  • Spot Prime 50 Legend on ladder in January within Americas, Asia-Pacific or Europe
  • Be a Hearthstone Grandmaster

When all of the Hearthstone Masters Tours of 2022 will be held on line, Blizzard will also target in-particular person events for the Masters Drop Championship and World Championship. The remaining determination will be determined primarily based on the well being, safety and effectively-remaining of these included with the tournaments.

Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends

The closing Hearthstone esports update for 2022 is Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends, which will debut in the new year. A share of the $500,000 prize pool throughout various occasions will be at stake.

Each individual Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends event will be worldwide, showcasing players from the ladder in each region. The initially working day will involve a group participate in stage followed by playoffs on the next day.