June 15, 2024

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Bleed Esports Crowned the Champions of Penta Pro Series Valorant Tournament

The Penta Pro Series Valorant tournament has finally crowned its champion after two weeks of intense competition which took place from 12th to 24th December featuring a total prize pool of $30,000 USD (INR 24,76,697).

A thrilling grand final took place between Bleed Esports and BOOM Esports, the best-of-five series going the stretch as both the directly invited teams from Southeast Asia delivered top-notch performances to win the last official VCT Offseason tournament of the year.

Bleed managed to draw the last blood against BOOM in the final game which took place on Pearl, following an exchange of maps where both teams were able to attain victories on their respective picks.

With the scoreboard reading ‘3-2’, Bleed Esports walked away as the champions of Penta Pro Series along with a $18,000 (INR 14,86,878) in prize money.

Bleed Esports defeats BOOM Esports to win the Penta Pro Series Valorant tournament

Penta Esports hosted the last official VCT Offseason tournament of 2022 for the South Asia and Southeast Asia regions, inviting teams from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Singapore.

The entire tournament was broadly divided into two stages – South Asia Qualifier and Main Event. A total of eight teams competed in the first stage, which featured six teams from India along with one team each from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Only two teams qualified through this stage – Velocity Gaming and Revenant Esports, joining two directly invited teams from the SEA region – Bleed Esports and BOOM Esports.

The four teams took on each other in a round-robin format and the two SEA representatives managed to make their way through to the grand final by attaining the top two positions on the table.

The grand final was on another level as both teams gave it their absolute best to come through as champions of the Penta Pro Series. A thrilling series of games ensued with Bleed securing wins on Haven and Icebox while BOOM managed to claim Breeze and Ascent, the two competitors playing to their strengths by winning their respective map picks.

It all came down to a decider on Pearl, but no team was ready to back down, now just one game away from lifting the trophy. After a bumpy start, Bleed displayed a fantastic set of executes to take a two-round lead at the half-time mark, followed by scattered success in the second half which was enough to maintain its lead till the end.

A well fought victory for Bleed Esports as they close out the year with a win and prove that they are slowly making its way up the ladder within the SEA region.