June 15, 2024

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April Fools 2022: here are this year’s best gaming and esports goofs

If you’re looking at your social media feeds this morning in complete disbelief, let me remind you that today is April Fools Day – the one day of the year that everyone tries their best to be like The Onion. There are certainly some outrageous stories from the world of gaming and esports today, so to help you work out what’s fact and fiction, we’ve put together a handy little list.

Now, we can’t promise all of these are certified bangers – there’s always a few duds, right? – but we can promise you a few laughs. Below you’ll find a selection of funnies from the likes of Sega, Blizzard, and G2 Esports, and if you’re lucky, you might even spot a story or two from your favourite gaming publication on the world wide web: The Loadout.

So from googly eyes to Among Us horses, here are the best April Fools gaming gags of 2022.

Razer Hypersense

We’re all sick of the talk about the metaverse, but somehow Razer’s managed to make it interesting again. Say hello to the Hypersense, a suit that allows you to feel everything your character does in-game.

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Rainbow Six Siege 8-COG scope

“For when one ACOG isn’t enough…” Ubisoft has announced that Rainbow Six Siege players will be able to equip the new 8-COG scope for Ash, Bandit, and a few other operators. It really is a sight to behold.

Sonic Frontier

To follow up on Sonic’s blue curry (yes, that was an actual thing) Sega has ‘launched’ a limited edition of Sonic Frontier, which comes with a high-quality bath tub, a towel, a duck, and more.


Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez isn’t one to miss out on a good business opportunity, so say hello to G2GO – an esports-focused fast food chain designed to remove the bitter taste of solo queuing from your mouth.

Tetris Effect energy drinks

Enhance, the team behind Tetris Effect have announced a new energy drink line called the Enhance Life Drink Collection, which comes in four different flavours:

Among Us Horse Mode

It’s like Inner Sloth looked at the beans in Fall Guys and decided that its little spacemen weren’t cursed enough. Enter Among Us Horse Mode, which elongates your crewmates. Just don’t ask them why they have such a long face, eh?

Overwatch eyes

If you boot into Overwatch today, prepare to be watched from every angle. Blizzard has continued the joke of googly eyes and slapped them on every single character – including Hanzo’s dragons.

Fall Guys Wooooooo

The Fall Guys Twitter account has been taken over by well, whatever this is. The “wooo” however does reference the noise all of the blobby boys make when running, dashing, and jumping around the games’ levels.

PUBG’s Monster Chicken Royale

Sure, you’ve won a chicken dinner in PUBG before, but have you beaten one? Now’s your chance in this utterly bizarre limited-time mode.

Warzone’s Totally Normal BR

Like that classic Oprah episode, everyone gets specialist in this new limited-time mode. There’s also no fall damage, plenty of loadouts, and piles of cash. In other words, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Saints Row Made For Life Edition

The Saints Row Made For Life Edition will set you back $100,000,000, but it does net you some great bonuses that will help give you that boost up into the high life. These include a book deal, a mega yacht, tons of vehicles, and even the position of CEO of Volition. Oh, but you better get in quick as there is only one available.

New Blood delays

New Blood Interactive speaks for everyone when it says Elden Ring has swept the team away. So much so that the studio has ‘delayed’ all of its games until 2023.

Guilty Gear Strive sequel

Move over Guilty Gear Strive, there’s a new fighting game in town: Guilty Bear.

A small part of us wants this to be true – Arc Systems has even made a Twitter account for it!

Payday Duel Debuts

Overkill, who is currently working on Payday 3, has unveiled Payday Duel, a new competitive card game that runs off patented “Creditable Art Relic Distribution” technology, or CARD technology.

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Arrowhead’s Next Game

Arrowhead have posted a teaser unveiling their next game, or well possibly teasing it? The video from the studio features a look into the ‘creative process’ behind their next game before the video glitches out at the end with a red snapshot and what appears to be a logo.

Arrowhead previously worked on Helldivers and is currently working on a third person, next-gen, triple-A co-op shooter, which some believe could be Helldivers 2 based on a leak from Nvidia last year.

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Phil Spencer’s funeral plans

Phil Spencer loves the Xbox Series X fridge, ok? In our totally true report, he wants to be buried in it. But not before he’s delivered to his own ceremony by a UNSC Pelican, of course.

PS Plus’ secret fourth tier

Yeah, the Xbox Game Pass rival sounds cool, but did you know you can pay a bit extra to delete one Xbox exclusive per year? Here’s our report on Project Turkey Dinosaurs.

Goat Simulator movie

It’s the adaptation no one asked for: the Goat Simulator movie. According to Coffee Stain, Steve-O is going to direct it and several audition tapes from the likes of Tom Felton, Joe Gatto, and more have ‘leaked’.

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Esports Awards getting cold Feet

The Esports Awards is heading to the North Pole this year.

That’s it. That’s the joke.

That’s so 2013

Riot Games has just buffed Karma in League of Legends. Hit the panic button.

Only kidding, this is just a patch from 2013.

Genshin Impact’s thirst trap

Look, we all know you want to snog Abyss Lector, but you could be subtle about it. Now supposedly they’ve been made a playable character.


Twitch has teased five new categories: pizza, silent reading, character creation, chores, and chat.

All hail the Twitch pizza meta.

And there you have it – some of the best and the worst April Fools 2022 gaming gags.

See you all next year.