November 28, 2023

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8 Foods That Can Help Calm Emotions

You can eat foods that can reduce emotions when you are not calm. Having certain nutritional content, when you eat this food, you will instantly become calmer and relaxed.

Holding back emotions is not an easy matter, especially if you are faced with various problems every day. You can apply various ways of controlling emotions such as meditation, exercising, to listening to music. You can also practice certain foods.

Foods that can reduce emotions contain nutrients that are good for the body. The nutritional content contained in various foods plays a role in calming the mind and causing a sense of happiness.


One of the foods that can reduce emotions is bananas. Bananas have dopamine which can improve mood. Bananas are believed to relieve emotions because they contain essential amino acids. In addition, bananas can also help produce serotonin in the brain which will help improve your mood.

Not only that, the magnesium content is known to make the mood better.

This yellow fruit contains B vitamins and potassium which calms the body and mind. Consuming it regularly can reduce your emotions very effectively.


Not only helps digestion, but yogurt can also increase the serotonin content in the brain which can reduce stress levels. This serotonin content also makes you feel calmer. Try consuming various flavors of yogurt regularly so you don’t get bored.


Serotonin is an important substance in the brain that helps reduce stress levels. This delicious snack is the best source of serotonin. So, not only addictive with a good taste, chocolate can help reduce stress levels and excessive anxiety.

When you melt chocolate in your mouth, you will start to feel happy feelings and emotions can be forgotten.


Sources of omega-3, namely salmon can also be one of the foods that can reduce emotions and improve mood. Several studies have shown that consuming omega-3s regularly can prevent and relieve depression. Not only that, but omega-3 is also useful in reducing irritability. Omega-3 content has even been shown to relieve stress and calm the mind.

Source: Fast ESA Letter

Green tea

Green tea is rich in theanine, an antioxidant that produces dopamine and serotonin, both of which can help ease the mind. This compound is also able to make the mind calmer, and relieve stress. So, you can consume green tea regularly for health and reduce emotions.


The next food that can dampen emotions is potatoes. Rich in carbohydrates and B vitamins, potatoes are very useful in lowering blood pressure and stress. These B vitamins can also increase serotonin levels, creating a feeling of happiness and positive thoughts.


Walnuts are one of the foods that can reduce emotions because they contain good for the body. The content of omega-3, vitamin E, and melatonin plays a role in reducing stress. In addition, walnuts also contain tryptophan and vitamin B6 which can increase feelings of happiness and reduce anger.

Ice cream

Your head and other body parts feel hot and uncomfortable when you are emotional. Therefore, ice cream is here and ready to cool your mind. When the sweet taste of ice cream starts to enter your mouth, you can feel a calm and cold feeling so you can come back to think clearly.

Ice cream contains the amino acid tryptophan, which calms the brain and reduces stress levels.